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Since the early 2000s, Tiffany Anderson has established her place as a Natural Hair Care Specialist. Using her unique techniques and creativity,

Tiffany has surpassed her peers as a beauty professional in the industry. Tiffany’s portfolio has been displayed and continues to showcase in several of the most popular hair and braid magazines while also being featured in an independent film, Shut Up and Dance.

Anderson is also a trained professional in the Science and Practice of Trichology providing her the knowledge and tools to incorporate healthy hair education in every service. In her spare time Tiffany is educating individuals on the importance of how to achieve healthy natural hair and spending time with her family.

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Motivated by the staff and clients at her acclaimed salon Tiffany's Natural Haircare Studio, and inspired by her youngest daughter, in 2013, Tiffany wrote the children's book “I Love My Natural Hair.”

Anderson strongly believes that it is important to let young girls know at an early age how beautiful they are without extensions or the use of chemical straighteners. As a mother, daughter and sister,

Tiffany's I Love My Natural Hair is her contribution to a shared mission of providing young girls with confident, positive images of themselves to diminish negative stereotypes highlighted throughout society.

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